Example Scripts

SCOW fields are available in a NetCDF file format. All files were created and tested using Matlab (R14) Service Pack 3 and the NetCDF Toolbox For Matlab-5. Click HERE to download this Matlab toolbox. A user guide that describes the interface to the NetCDF Toolbox is available HERE. Note that this toolbox is no longer supported. For the most recent NetCDF information please click HERE.

read_and_plot_scow_fields.m: This script demonstates how the SCOW zonal wind stress file (wind_stress_zonal_monthly_maps.nc) can be read and monthly fields plotted. The output from this script should look as follows, January Zonal Wind Stress Plot.

calc_seasonal_cycle_from_scow_coeff.m and calc_seasonal_cycle_from_scow_sst_coeff.m: These scripts demonstate how SCOW zonal wind stress, and AMSR and AVHRR SST regression coefficients can be read and used to calculate 12 point (monthly) and 365 point (daily) seasonal cycles for each grid cell.